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The voice acting was okay.
The animation could've been better.
Some parts weren't really good though..
Most things seem out of place, honestly.
I believe it could be better.

Not bad. Not bad at all. But you've made a typo on the title. It's Baldi's basics. Other than that this is pretty nice!

OzwaldY responds:

Thanks bro!!

There are a lot of things to improve on, however this is pretty good for a first animation.
You might need to fix the VCAM because you can see it.
It might need some more work on animating a few parts.
Some parts sound unbearably loud, so a bit of tweeking should do it.
From what I can tell you use a drawing tablet, you should practice more by drawing art.
That's all the tips I can give you.
Good luck and have fun.

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Well, I like the concept of it being text-based, but it seems pretty difficult in my opinion. Nonetheless, it was somewhat interesting while it lasted.

Everything about this game is nice. The parallax effect is cool. The soundtrack fits into the game. The dialogue is alright. Definitely all 5 stars from me.

It had good suprises

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Yo, this sounds clean af!

The vibe of the entire song is quite interesting and very melodic and I enjoy the transitions that it goes through. The mix is clean and loud enough and drops are also impressive.

The arpeggios may seem a bit too overwhelming at times so I would tone them down a bit, but other than that all I can say is keep going!

So upbeat, so groovy, so moody
And that's one amazing bassline!


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Aww, I love it so much!
I like the cutesy pastel-ish artstyle you've got going on in this piece, which suits the light-hearted theme and my character's general appearance and personality.

I believe this part was an oversight of mine while sending the reference screenshot to you since the bloom in that picture caused the hair and eyes to have a goldish colour, but not gonna lie the slightly golden-coloured hair and eyes do suit her and I think you've done a pretty good job at choosing the colours for her! (Even if it's technically my fault for not providing a proper picture of her lol)

Similar things could be said for the legs as I actually didn't provide the entire picture but you actually aren't far off from what her initial appearance looks like and I really am a fan of the pantyhose and the cute red high heels you gave her as a substitute!

If I had any specific criticism to give it would be that her lower legs look a bit too elongated compared to her body but overall I'm extremely satisfied with the end result!

Thanks again for doing this for everyone else!

Bleak-Creep responds:

Oh wow, this is a lot more detailed a review than I'm used to! I'm glad you like her though, I think she's a nice design. :)

Reminds me of one of those old Looney Tunes cartoons, so retro. I like it!

HarmtheHarmful responds:


Poor Mr. Pringle, was he eaten or beaten? I can't tell the difference..

RedeyestheSecound responds:

Sweet honestly I was confused on which I wanted to make it eaten or beaten I could not decide on that question XD lol thanks for rate!

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