Hello random person, this is a report on my animation, so you don't need to read this. But If you are a professional animator, then you could help me a bit...

If you don't know, Reunitement and Revenge is a Flash project where I had an idea where me and a couple of friends join in an animation with "a plot twist". It's made in stickfigures because Hyun and Terkoiz inspired me.

So far the animation is going fine. What I had in plan was to use an agressive Dubstep song in the fight which would take about 3-4 minutes (idk the real song lenght rn). The RaR series is planned to have 4 episodes: ep.1, ep.2, origins (meets a new char) and ep.3.

Right now I have a problem with the fire effect. I don't know how to use it properly in a situation displayed in the picture. http://prntscr.com/ghwiwa

If you know a lot about fire (not you Blaze) and you have animated fire a lot, tell me how to correctly make it as realistic as possible. I'm not a proffesional so more advice would be awesome! Ty for reading and have a nice day ;).